CyberAcuView Endorses Industry Encryption and Voluntary Minimum Cyber Security Best Practices

NEW YORK – April 26, 2022 – CyberAcuView, established in 2021 to enhance cyber risk mitigation efforts across the industry, today announced its support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to help secure communications in transit, as well as the creation of voluntary minimum cyber security best practices to enhance cyber risk mitigation efforts across the cyber insurance industry.

“The importance of ensuring that confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity protections are in place between policyholders, agents and brokers, and insurers during the cyber insurance policy lifecycle is necessary to ensure sensitive information remains secure,” said Mark Camillo, CEO of CyberAcuView. “CyberAcuView supports a minimum of TLS 1.2, an advanced cryptographic protocol, to proactively encrypt policy terms in transit with the goal that it will lead to further enhancements made by the industry in an effort to help protect documents at rest.”

CyberAcuView is also endorsing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Bad Practices List as a starting point for the cyber insurance industry to establish voluntary minimum cyber security best practices.  This is the first public endorsement of the CISA list by the private sector and aligns with CyberAcuView’s broader goal of eliminating risky practices through the use of insurance incentives.

CISA developed the Bad Practices List by engaging with administrators and IT professionals from both the public and private sectors.  CISA considers the presence of these bad practices within organizations that support Critical Infrastructure or National Critical Functions (NCFs) to be exceptionally dangerous and encourages all organizations to consider and address them, if applicable, to help improve cyber hygiene.  CyberAcuView will build upon this initial work to promote cyber insurance security best practices.

“The insurance industry has a vital role to play in incentivizing organizations to improve their overall cyber security maturity,” said Josh Corman, former Chief Strategist for the CISA COVID Task Force who helped develop the Bad Practices List, “It’s great to see this endorsement of the Bad Practices List as a first step in eradicating behavior that increases risk to the critical infrastructure we rely upon for national security, economic stability, and safety of the public.”

Mr. Camillo added, “Insurers have been at the forefront of reducing risk and improving safety across all areas of the economy for hundreds of years – from property and automobile to marine and cargo. Reducing risk and improving cyber resilience is a natural progression in the digital age for insurers to address through CyberAcuView.”

About CyberAcuView

CyberAcuView aims to (1) help the insurance industry provide better value and service for policyholders in their cyber risk mitigation; (2) provide leadership in addressing cybercrime and increasing resilience to cyber risk; and (3) help ensure a competitive market for cyber insurance.  CyberAcuView is industry-supported, working for the benefit of policyholders, the insurers that serve them, and the connected economy at large.   For additional information, please visit our website at www.cyberacuview.com.